Honey is to Bees as Poetry is to Man

August 11, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

Today's feature of the parody of Catullu's love poems is:  Poem no. 51. An Imitation of Sappho: to Lesbia.

I must say, I enjoyed writing this parody as much as I enjoyed reading the original.

Now it is your turn :)

Poem no. 51. An Imitation of Sappho: to Lesbia.


He is mightier and more divine than the gods, that man,

Who sitteth right next to you, forever...

And hears your soothing voice and bemusing laughter.

 And sees your star-lit face, that with great pleasure

I’m bereft of any senses, for in you, Lesbia, I see my muse

And raging desires overcome me like a volcano willing the earth to part

And make way for eruption

My eyes hold a vision of your effeminate charms,

And the taste of your skin lingers on my tongue,

With the melody of your sweet voice looping in my ears

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