If Heaven Weeps, Let It Be Poetic!

August 9, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

In his artistic and straightforward language; Catullus effortlessly delivers a true expression of his love for Lesbia. And that is what I love the most of his poetry; it draws you in yet swiftly with profound clarity and intrigue.

For the ongoing blog series of my parody of Catullus’s love poems;

I am sharing a pastiche of poem number 109; A Prayer: to Lesbia!

I hope you enjoy it... :-)

A Prayer: to Lesbia!

You avow that this love of ours will be forever a thrill,

And eternal too,

By the power of the gods, with the blessing of fairies,

May it be that your avowal does and puts truth to shame!

And the sincerity of your heart lights fire from morn to morn,

So we may live in no need of a happily-ever-after, but forever lost
to an incessant happy-for-now,

this endless bond of undying affection, is my only prayer, my Lesbia.

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Until next time; Ciao.