If Oceans are Blue, Love is Red...

August 8, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

Isn’t it quite the nightmare, to dream of a world bereft of belletristic arts?

I can’t imagine it. Especially, a life without poetry…love poems.

Thankfully, we have all that.

And today, as promised, here’s the first instalment of the parodies of Catullus’s poetry.

Enjoy :)

Poem #87

Incomparable: to Lesbia

No woman on earth or at heaven’s high table can tell of being so much loved,

As my beloved Lesbia, on the clock’s watch has been loved by me.

And no bond or devotion could be so fulfilling,

As has come to pass, in my adoration of you.

The next instalments will be posted in the coming days.

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Until the next post; Ciao.