Is There a Solution to Writer’s block?

July 9, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

Today am responding to a question which came in from last week’s post, “do you have writer’s block and how do you overcome it?”

My writing has a tendency to take on a life of its own when I sit down to write. I think I have heard the same from other writers. Being an organic writer, I thrive on recurring bouts of spontaneous creativity, albeit sustained for longer periods.

On the question of writer’s block, I don’t really go as far as to cornering myself into a writer’s block. When I have the intention to write a piece of artistic work, I will my mind to do it. And unless I don’t have a clear mind, at the time; either due to mental or physical exhaustion, I can manage to complete a new love poem, comfortably.

However, when I run short of inspiration, I result in clearing my mind so I can focus on writing, creatively.

 For me, writer’s block is such that I am unable to concentrate my energy in the present moment and sustain my thought process. At such times, I simply walk away from my desk or put away my phone, and go for a walk for fresh air.

When the situation is harder than that, I ping the tapping therapy aka Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). If you’re a fan of Jack Canfield, there’s so much information about it from his books and website.

Another remedy, I have learned in the recent past, from my friend Jen Ward- Author and Intuitive Healer -is the SFT modality, which is more effective than EFT. I use this technique to release the fear of not being able to “write good enough.”

 And by releasing the fear, it becomes easy to focus and just write, the flow of energy is much easier and I am freed from the horrible tendency to prejudge myself or my capacity to be able to write another great piece followed by another.

However, sometimes I go for days without writing anything just to give myself time to vary my style and develop new approaches to writing. From the perspective of aesthetics, a poem is only good if it manifests a solid structure and somewhat reflects a world or at least a context that draws the reader in; and always, I endeavour to achieve just that.

If I feel that a poem I am working on does not have a distinct structure and fails to take on a life of its own then, I go back and attempt to make to structure it until am satisfied.  This is not the only criterion I use though; I also gauge the energy of the poem. How strong does it feel? My goal is to put as much energy and “wow effect” into each poem as I can.

And for every poem, I won’t stop until it is exciting to me, the same way I filter songs when creating a playlist since I prefer songs that amplify my energy field, and uplift me.


Here’s a new love poem I wrote recently, and I really revised it a couple of times, rearranging the lines to give it a good structure (rhythm and meter) to raise its energy to a pleasant level. I hope you enjoy!

 Drunk on Love ©7/7/2019Thomas Muriuki

I dream being drank on your love;

Appraising the fibres of your lips like a souvenir,

Hang-over from the dulicent

Waves of your heart’s palpitations

Against mine.

Shalt I curse the sun for ringing dawn

Unto me;

And call unto the heavens to make dawn dusk, too.

For you to kiss me with the truth of thine love,

And the passion of your soul and

marinate me with the elegance of your skin.

Oh huzzah!

Forget the taste of chocolate, and indulge the juices of my lips,

Put a match to the hybrid of us…

And let our flame come alive


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