Love Poem 107. Back Again: to Lesbia

August 16, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

Welcome to Friday!

As the saying goes...Music sounds better on Friday, always; can we say the same of poetry?

Let's find out. Today's item of interest is a parody of Catullus's love poem no 107.  Back Again: to Lesbia.

poem no 107.  Back Again: to Lesbia

What are good tidings, but the unravelling of a wish so much desired?
But unexpected,
It’s a sweet delight
But to me, it’s dearer and closer to my heart than all else,
For you to return to me, Lesbia, after so much longing
Give into my arms
the hunger calling for you from my soul
And mark today with your fleeting brightness
For no one lives happier than me, or is there any man
Who wishes for greater pleasure to have a love greater than you?

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Thank you for visitIng my blog. Happy Friday!  Unitl the next post; Ciao.