My greatest inspiration of all time? That must be Plato

July 20, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

Today I would like to talk a little bit more about inspiration. I might be biased, but I suppose Plato is the greatest philosopher ever.

My bias has merit, (pun intended) for when I developed an interest in aesthetics; there was no other writer out there whose works were a better fit than his writings.

Although philosophy and poetry are not close cousins, Plato’s literary works, especially on Aesthetics, are undoubtedly the gold standard for creating and evaluating works of art.

I enjoy reading as many texts by Plato as time allows. While the Great Gatsby is my favourite literary text, Plato’s work's, especially the Symposium, make my top 10 list of favourite literature.

Throughout my time in high school, I had a great love for poetry. But it only revolved around reading and analyzing poems. I couldn’t even write a haiku!

However, all that changed when I encountered Plato in my freshman year at the University.

I became obsessed with “everything Plato” that I neglected my course work and ditched most of my social life and camped at the campus library for hours during both lecture hours and my free time throughout semesters and the school holidays.

I drunk so much of Plato’s works, but I have not yet had enough. Of all the classics, Plato’s work is the silver lining for my cloud. And whenever I feel that my pool of inspiration is running dry, I often pick any of his titles to read. I can’t believe that I haven’t read of all of his literature yet.

Reading Plato is quite stimulating and triggers my imagination in ways I can’t put a description to, and it’s just so refreshing.

However, a few months ago, I discovered the great poet from the Roman Empire, Gaius Valerius Catullus.

You can bet it he’s my second go-to source of inspiration. I love the neoteric style, content, and structure of his poetry.

I have already written some poems inspired by his works.

Also, I have written a parody of his poem no. 7 titled How Many Kisses: to Lesbia

Here goes :)

How many kisses: to Lesbia

Lesbia, you ask how many kisses of yours

would be enough to satisfy my appetite for thee.

And to you I say:

As many as the stars of the heavens that

Go far and beyond galactic territories,

In the count of light years!


Or as many as the grains of dust born to the

Earth, when the Nebula cloud burst


And for the love of you Lesbia,

As many as quantum bits in matter


As many kisses are enough for love drunk Catullus,

 As can’t be counted by the naked eye,

Nor spoiled by any wizardly

Think you might like Catullus’s poetry as much as do I? It’s okay if you can’t read Latin either; same here. Luckily, all his poetry in translation is available here.

Please, I would love to know what you think of his poetry. If you like it lots, I’ll write even more parodies of his poetry, and you get to choose which one! Yes.

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Thank You! Until next time; Ciao.