My writing process: Is there is a magic wand for writing love poems?

July 4, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki


I have struggled with answering a very simple question; quite many a number have asked me how I write poetry.  Well, in my first attempt at answering the query, I would just say, I follow wherever inspiration leads.


I have to admit, as simple as the question seems, the answer is quite elusive.  Few of my readers have actually settled for the answer:  That I just follow where inspiration leads. But then, what is the inspiration.


Allow me to borrow the definition of the word from the Oxford English Dictionary.


Inspiration: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”


Objectively, that’s it.


 Subjectively, though, to me, inspiration or the process itself stems from interacting with words or beauty. It just happens that words are my greatest passion, I love words.


For instance, I could be reading a novel, a news article or any other material and come across a new word. Believe it or not, I am excited by the prospect of discovering new vocabulary.


 If I come across a new word that excites me, let’s say the word sounds beautiful to me; I will immediately delve into appreciating it.


I will obsess about using it in a sentence, or a verse, and from that instance, it sparks a whole new creative world for me. When I first time came across the word “awash” it felt so new and beautiful to me and I wanted to have it in my vocabulary. The urge to use it in my writing inspired a brand new poem.


That’s it for me with words, Yes, I fall for words, the same way you would fall in love with a person, stylish hairstyle, dress or a pair of shoes, and feel that you must have them!

As for beauty, words are beautiful to me, and so are people and nature.

 A few years past, the question I am addressing here was phrased rather directly, a twitter friend asked me, who’s my muse.  I laughed a bit, more of a chuckle, really and almost blushed! 


I don’t have a muse, although the subjects of all my poems are beloved belles; but there are times when I have stilled, thought of a person and written a poem based on them.


However, at other times, I could be walking in the streets or on a nature walk and spot a beautiful flower, the moonrise, the shades of the sunset or sunrise and that experience, the beauty of it, fills my mind and I want to recreate it, to hold onto it somewhat longer. Then, I write a love poem to reflect or preserve the beauty per se, in my own design, poetry.


At other times, inspiration is just a random impulse for me; I could be anywhere, working or just relaxing and boom! There’ is a poem flowing in me and I just have to write it down. It just occurs.


Music too is another source of inspiration for me, when I am listening to my favourite songs; there are random times when a word from a song’s lyrics will resonate with me so deeply that I can’t help the urge to write it into a poem.


For example, in the past week, I have just created a new playlist and there’s a song by Lady Gaga “Marry the Night”; and the phrase “marry the night” from the song has become a line that resonates with me so strongly, it’s like a force compelling me to dive from a plane and just enjoy sky diving me.


 As a result, I have written a poem with the phrase “marrying the night.” 


Here goes…

Dying for your touch Copyright July 2, 2019,  Thomas Muriuki


Like the stars marrying the night sky;

I walk in the night

Dying for your touch,

And our meet inspires

an exodus of energy,

From depths

Buried deep within me.

‘M like an apparition in search of a body to engage.

With powers to play the music of your soul

And my prayer; your skin to tender

As you please; play your instruments of magic

Against mine

Sink the night; take the world away

Leave nothing but your scent, the fancy most sweet


And make me all eye; to take in thine beauty

Or make me just nose; to enjoy the perfume,

the prime rosiness of you

And if I’m forever lost to ecstasy, entomb me with happiness,

And label me impassioned


Writing poetry is always an adventure for me, it is my attempt to create and have more beauty in life, even where there’s none. But I don’t always wait for inspiration to find me, there are occasions when I sit with a blank page and challenge myself to fill it with beautiful words, and I often succeed.


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That’s it for today; if you made it to this sentence, Thank you! Ciao.