What do  SCI-FI and Poetry Have in Common?

August 1, 2019

BY Thomas Muriuki

I am quite a rebel when it comes to genres and all the other criteria that guide the classification of books. As a result, am a genre-defiant reader. But first, I must confess I am a great fan of romances:

  • Romantic Suspense;
  • Erotic Romance;
  • Paranormal Romance;
  • Historical Romance;
  • And, Contemporary Romance.

However, I dearly love  SCI-FI literature as much as I do poetry!

And I would love to share with you my latest read from this category.  A few weeks ago I was gifted a copy of the genre-busting novel Desa Kincaid: Bounty Hunter by the PR team of Creativia Publishing!

With my unending TBR list, I only got to read the novel a few days ago, but good heavens!

R.S Penney is a craft master, and I hardly put the book down from the first page to the last, except when my body demanded that I sleep.

For lovers of SCI-FI, this newly published title is a taste to devour!

By description:

Desa Kincaid has spent the last ten years in pursuit of a man whose experiments have killed over a dozen people.

Blessed with the power to transform ordinary objects into devastating weapons, she journeys through trading ports, backwater towns, forests, deserts and the haunted remains of a dead city.

But can she stop her enemy before he unleashes something terrible on the world?

Not convinced?

Here's my review:

"The story has the best ingredients to bring the plot to life, from love, loss, betrayal to victories and magical realism.

Desa Kincaid is the finest of a protagonist I have ever encountered in a SCI-FI novel. Plus, a diehard villain (Morley) to challenge the invincible heroine.

I bet you this book is simply unputdownable!"

Get your copy now from amazon!

Happy reading!

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Until next time. Ciao.